Diaper is an essential even of everyday baby care. It is important to say that a healthy baby pees up to 20 times a day first 6 months of its life and up to 15 times the next 6, that’s not to mention the stool 5-6 times a day. So an everyday baby care you can’t do without any sort of special garment.

Baby’s soft and sensitive skin is frequently exposed to excrements. So taking into account vulnerability of baby’s skin and reduced local immunity, there is a high risk of inflammation. This can be caused by the skin’s contact with a number of things, including bacteria, excrements and diaper itself. Disposable diapers «GREENTY» are made of with natural materials that ensure irritation-free usage.

Modern laboratory in New Zealand chose among several types of green tea the one with the most antiseptic affinity and designed a unique Earth Friendly layer of “GREENTY” diapers with it. Due to natural antiseptic components of green tea, composition of this unique layer provides high level of diaper rash protection, suppressing any bacterial or fungal activities.

Temperature control of baby’s skin, or in other words its ability to keep up the constant body temperature by keeping or giving up heat, is not fully developed. Air-through outer layer of “GREENTY” diapers quickly brings out hot and moist air and offers a sense of comfort. Super absorbent layer of “GREENTY” diapers provides high volume absorbency without the extra bulk.

Velcro soft durable fasteners will never stick to baby’s skin and will help to fasten the diaper so that it would be comfortable and secure at the same time. Excellent air permeability allows the skin to breathe, preventing diaper rash and keeping the skin healthy. Soft 3D elastic leg bands provide fixation and protect from any leaks.

Modern disposable diapers “GREENTY” are easy to use, save time and strength and what is most important – provide maximum comfort for your baby.

Green tea has a pleasant aroma. It helps to relax and provides to a healthy sleep.




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